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The Uniqueness of Abstract Rugs

Abstract rugs are known for their color tones. The lighter the color the better the feel it creates. It is often said that a good abstract design has between twenty to fifty dye colors. In addition, 'organic' color changes can also be created using the abrash technique. An interesting thing about abstract rugs is that you are in control of the space and it can change the feel of the space completely. Modern abstract rugs dominate a mixture of warm and cool colors. So, if you are intending to uplift the look of the space, abstract designs are known to have intelligent designs that can give out a better visual appeal.

An abstract design is worth the wait which usually requires a high amount of skill. These rugs are usually made in complete silk which makes it an expensive choice. But there is a bamboo silk variation that is affordable.

Character in Texture

Hand-made rugs are known to have irregular surface textures. This is a common characteristic that applies to all hand-knotted rugs. Few abstract designs also feature hand-carved high and low piles, which gives a more definite texture which can add an extra dimension to the design.

Floor rugs that are carefully assembled and hand-completed will have a somewhat unpredictable surface. Albeit this is a quality of all hand-tied floor rugs, this will be especially valid for those that are made from hand-checked and hand-turned yarns.

Style Your Space with Abstract Rugs

The idea of beautifying your space and giving it an identity of its own has been in trend for some time now. We are on the lookout to seize every opportunity to uniquely incorporate artifacts into our space. Turning a common item into an artifact has actually helped in revamping and changing perspectives. Rugs are one of the latest additions to this. Abstract rugs are for the floor, what paintings are for the walls.

With many people transforming their abode into contemporary spaces, the abstract theme has taken center stage.

Creators set the hard errand of deciphering the best of works of art into a structure from which they can be developed into carpets. Color dominates in an abstract rug since it doesn’t have any definite pattern. An abstract rug is often expected to blend within its own entity and especially with the most sophisticated of interiors.

Bring home pieces of art you can walk on, in the form of abstract rugs.

Find the Best Quality Abstract Rugs Online at JR Rugs

Our craftsmanship at JR Rugs echoes generations of dedication and passion towards weaving. These rugs are a work of art made by 180 hands, 85 processes, and 18 finishing steps within a period of 3 months. Bringing together a 2500-year-old weaving tradition with state of art attention to sustainability, these rugs bridge the gap between artisans from the remotest corners of rural India to the world. These luxury rugs have been created entirely by hand, using the traditional method of hand-knotting. Every single-colored yarn has been spun, dyed, and re-spun using methods that have been practiced for centuries. Each of these designs is weaved with hand-tied knots, following a life-size pattern drawn onto the graph paper. The promise of authentic craftsmanship.

These rugs take 3-4 weavers up to six months to make; it is a true labor of love.

Purchase storytelling canvases of art for your floor from JR Rugs. Before placing an order, figure out for which space you are buying the rug. Once you decide, place the order and get the best quality abstract rugs at your doorstep.