Why Custom Rugs

Every room is different; every person has a unique perspective and desire. You may want your area rug to be tailored just right for you and for your room, or express the art inside you and find a place for it in your living space. With our vast range of designs, there will be hints of desirable qualities in different handmade rugs which means we have what it takes to make the customized rug for you. We invite you to explore your imagination come to life no matter the size, shape, color, texture, material, technique and design!

Custom Size Rugs

Do you have a one of a kind space that needs a unique look? Shop from our wide range of rugs, and we will customize the size and shape online as per your need.

How to customize your rug?

  • - Choose from our wide range of catalogue.
  • - Select rug of your choice, click on customize.
  • - Enter the size you want, tool will let you know production time and cost.


Bespoke Rugs

We feel each personality is different, and the home should reflect the individuality. You like to gaze stars or you have a love for mountains, we are here to depict it for you and transform it into a beautiful art for you to enjoy it all the time, and stay connected to the things you love. Our custom made rug or carpet feature is all present to make every kind of custom design in any material possible.

Custom Made Rugs Inquiry Form

To create your rug, fill in the detail, and we'll get back to you.

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