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Flat Weave Rugs

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Flat Weave rugs are perfect for every home!

Arguably the oldest type of rug to exist, flat weave rugs are the answer to many decor woes. They are woven using a simple technique wherein no knots are included at all. Threads are woven on a loom into colourful patterns, and flat weave rugs lack the pile or backing found in hand-tufted or hand-knotted rugs. They are lighter, more flexible, and even reversible since the pattern is the same on both sides of the rugs. Kilim, dhurrie, and Navajo rugs are variations of this basic technique of weaving that differ in some ways. At JR Rugs, we have an exhaustive collection of flat weave rugs online that can be invested in without punching a hole in your wallet. Flat weave carpets take less time and skill than hand-knotted rugs and that reflects in their budget-friendly prices as well. You can place flat weave area rugs in your living room, bedroom, study room, kitchen, or even your powder room.

Why you should choose flat weave rugs for your home?

Multiple styles to pick from: If you are looking to change your decor up a bit and give your home renewed energy and a refreshing vibe, you can rely on flat weave rugs to help you achieve that. At JR Rugs, you will find modern as well as traditional styles of flat weave rugs online that can look and feel at home in any decor setting.

Super durable: We often tend to calculate the durability of a product as directly proportional to its price. But that myth gets busted when it comes to flat weave rugs as they don't have tips like hand-tufted or hand-knotted rugs that can get crushed in high foot traffic areas.

Easy to move: If you are constantly moving places, mobility of your items must be a big consideration for you when buying home decor items. In that case, flat weave area rugs will be your most favoured option as their lack of pile and backing makes them much lighter in weight and easily flexible for being folded up.

Budget-friendly: As mentioned before, flat weave rugs take lesser time and skill to weave, which means they are more budget-friendly than hand-knotted rugs which require skilled craftsmanship and longer time to weave. But that is not to say that flat weave carpets aren’t well woven; they, too, are fine examples of excellent craftsmanship. So, if you are decorating on a budget, look no further than flat weave rugs on JR Rugs.

Why choose JR Rugs to buy flat weave rugs?

JR Rugs stands as the vanguard and the preserver of the age-old craft and styles of rug weaving, holding its weaver and artisan community at its core. Whenever you purchase a rug from us, you become a part of this endeavour to uphold India's rug weaving craft tradition by supporting its skilled artisans. Besides, we strive to make your online shopping experience at JR Rugs seamless whenever you buy flat weave rugs online by offering free home delivery and exciting discounts.