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Add Energy to Your Living Spaces Using Geometric Rugs

Decor trends all over the world seldom remain constant. Even if not major shifts, there is some improvement constantly taking place here and there. While it is difficult for styles to ever become constant, there are some things that seldom go out of style. A good rug or carpet with a bold pattern or print is one of them. Such a rug, when placed in a living space, will instantly uplift the decor and add a certain pizzazz to it.

Geometric rugs are both a bold statement and an easy to style design, at the same time. They work with most decor themes and decor styles, from contemporary to country, and everything in between. We, at JR Rugs, bring to you a cornucopia of options. Pick a geometric rug that blends into a background and complements the room, or choose one that will work as a centerpiece for the whole space. They can be fantastic staple design staples for decor and can set a tone for any space or room, but still be subtle enough to be styled anywhere with grace and ease. From contemporary circles to traditional trellis designs, and everything in between, the beauty of geometry is the ease with which it can both be subtle and vivid, at the same time. We, from the house of JR Rugs, bring to you the most exciting selection of geometric rugs that will leave you spoiled for choice.

Where to Place Geometric Rugs, and How?

If you have been someone who has been used to neutral and solid-colored rugs, a geometric carpet is just the right step up for you before you venture into something bolder. If you’re wondering how to introduce geometric rugs into your space without being overwhelmed, here are some tips for you to help you make that decision:

  1. A classic chevron: Minimal, but with just the right amount of jazz, a chevron rug will subtly anchor your space room with its fun zigzag patterns and vivid style that are a twist on the usual boring stripe pattern. If you are looking to experiment and add some more drama to a subdued palette, go for a punchy color like an electric pink or vivid red and use it to link all your living room furniture together.
  2. Spruce up the kitchen with a rug: A kitchen is a space where the family can come together for a meal and can be used to engage guests as well. So how about breathing a fresh new air into it by adding in a fun geometric patterned runner rug? A vividly patterned geometric runner-style rug made from flat-weave natural fibers like cotton or bamboo silk will work great for a kitchen that receives low to medium foot traffic. For anything busier, you would be better off with a woven rug in natural fibers. We suggest using a rug pad to keep your geometric rugs in place. When using a rug in a kitchen, make sure to not use synthetic fibers. These may be affordable and easy to clean, but are prone to catching fire.
  3. Give your living room a retro twist: If you want to revamp and redecorate your living room to create a midcentury home that is high on style, what’s better than a geometric rug to complement it? A boldly-patterned and extra-large rug can tie all these exciting wooden elements together.

Why Should You Choose JR Rugs to Buy Geometric Rugs?

JR Rugs has rugs in a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials, all made by hand by the most skilled artisans in India. Our rugs are bound to make your home feel more vibrant and fuller of life. We are known all over the world for the quality of rugs, and our highly skilled artisans knot in India who have carried the craft of carpet weaving from generations. We deliver your chosen rugs safely to your doorstep, no matter where you are, and some more services, such as free delivery and a hassle-free return policy in case you are not satisfied with our products.