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Gray Rugs for Sophisticated Decor

Cool, soothing tones like grey have a big impact on how your home decor makes you feel. You can use gray rugs for a foundation for either a fully gray scheme or for creating a synchronic space where the hard furnishings as well as the soft furnishings are in tandem with each other. And while a gray carpet can be a really smart choice, it might be difficult to figure out what to pair it with or what color the walls should be, etc.

At JR Rugs, you will find gray rugs online in every shade and tone of the color to fit your home decor seamlessly. We have everything from light gray to dark gray rugs that will complement your color scheme, or help you build one, as might be the case. You can narrow down our gray rugs for sale by material, size, pattern, or its construct. Our collection of gray rugs also encompasses designer rugs made by renowned artists from around the world. We also have transitional rugs in grey with prints that belong to the traditional era of rug weaving, making it the perfect piece for any decor setting, be it traditional or modern.

How to Style Gray Rugs

Pick one gray tone: Gray rugs help make your space feel light, bright, and endlessly sophisticated. You can opt for using similar shades of pale gray across surfaces like walls, built-in shelves, furniture, upholstery, etc. This trick will also help you make a small space look relatively and impressively bigger. You can also choose to add dark color accents if you don't want to opt for all gray, like a black-framed table or a wood-framed mirror.

Dark tones for busy areas: A dark gray rug will sit nice and snug in a living room of a busy house with a high foot traffic as it can disguise any accidental spills and stains. However, this doesn't have to mean that the rug brings the brightness of the room down. You can add lighter colors of gray or beige when it comes to your sofa and upholstery to balance it all out.

Choose pattern and/or texture: Gray color rugs don't necessarily mean the solid ones. There are many more options you can explore at JR Rugs when it comes to gray rugs. Opt for a beautifully patterned gray carpet to layer over a solid gray rug or add texture in the form of a high-pile dark gray rug which will add seamless comfort, elegance, and finesse to a space. With JR Rugs, your options truly are endless.

Why Choose JR Rugs to Buy Gray Rugs

JR Rugs acts as a platform to highlight their talent and hard work and present it on a global platform so that you, no matter where you are in the world, can bring home a rug handmade with love in India by the vanguards of the art of rug weaving. Merge that with high-end technicality and precision in construction and finishing of our rugs, and you have the foundation of what we do at JR Rugs.