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The Beauty of Hand Loom Rugs

Hand loom rugs are one of the easiest, versatile, and budget-friendly ways to style your home. They are woven in a wide and diverse range of designs that come in a plethora of patterns and colors, and are the perfect item of decor to take the style and look of your space a notch higher. Hand loom rugs are traditionally woven by hand on a vertical loom with a mounted wrap. They have no fringes or any properly secured edges or sides. Light-weight, easy to maintain and clean, these rugs are perfect if you want to have a constantly changing style in your home.

We, at JR Rugs, take immense pride in our hand loom carpets and their versatility in terms of visual appeal as well as their variety in designs and budget ranges. Our rugs are hand-woven by our most skilled artisans who work on these pieces of art from their villages in rural India. Through their experience and expertise, they craft the most stunning pieces, and we, at JR Rugs, bring these masterpieces to your homes, no matter where you are in the world.

The Art of Hand Loom Rugs

Our hand loom area rugs are woven by hand on traditional and authentic looms, the designs of which have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The base of a hand loom carpet is made with two sets of intersecting thread yarns while another thread is used to press the strands together. Unlike machine-made rugs, which are often fringed, most hand-loomed rugs are closed and sealed at the ends. Hand loom rugs can have looped piles, cut piles or a mix of both in them. Upon completion of the whole weaving process, the rugs are washed to soften the yarn and make it feel softer to the touch. Hand loom rugs are double-backed, that is they have two layers of fabric upon which the knots are made. This makes them thick and heavier, and so they don’t bunch up or fold, but are still quite easy to move around and clean.

At JR Rugs, we use only the best quality fibers like premium wool, cotton, or jute for weaving our hand loom rugs. The creativity that goes into designing and weaving these one-of-a-kind rugs makes them a valuable addition to any space. Geometric patterns and designs like boxes, stripes, checks, etc. are some of the most common designs when it comes to hand loom rugs. As compared to hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs, these take less time to weave.

JR Rugs and Hand Loom Rugs

JR Rugs has the most impressive ranges of collections of hand loom rugs. Our products are made from only 100% pure and high-quality materials and woven by our artisans in rural India who spin and weave it into aesthetically stunning rugs that are then perfected and finished to grace your home no matter where you are. So, if you’re thinking of buying hand loom rugs online, why look any further than JR Rugs? We also offer free home delivery and offer discounts to fit every budget and make your online shopping experience with us seamless.