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Irregular Rugs

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Irregular Rugs Add a Trendy Edge to Your Home

If you want to give your room a trendy update, think outside the box. Our indoor spaces are mostly square and rectangular shaped, and all the right angles can sometimes make the space look too conventional. So why not opt to change up the shapes in your room to add an interesting dimension? We suggest you give irregular rugs a shot which are non-square and non-rectangular to add an element of interest and a focal point to your space.

Irregular shape rugs are increasingly becoming more popular as they double up as an artwork that grabs all eyeballs from the first glance. It can instantly lend a statement and bold look to your space and reflect your imaginative thinking as a homeowner. Interior designers also rely on irregular rugs as tapestry-cum-art-piece for the wall. At JR Rugs, not only do we have circular rugs but also truly abstract shaped irregular rugs online that will make your space unforgettably charming. These are one-of-a-kind designer pieces that are best styled as statement pieces when your home is in urgent need of a decor pick-me-up or simply an artistic update.

Styling Irregular Rugs

If you are wondering whether you should invest in irregular area rugs, then let your home decor help you make the decision. Before introducing a bold shape and pattern to your room, take stock of the existing decor elements. Make note of the existing color themes in your hard as well as soft furnishings along with the color of your walls. This will help you decide the color that will be best suited when looking for irregular rugs online on JR Rugs. You can buy an irregular shape rug that complements and sets off the color of your decor.

An easy way to style irregular carpets is to make it the focal point of your room or use it in an irregularly shaped space to complement its natural architecture. This way, you can use your irregular shape rug to help break the monotony of square angles. You can also place a special piece of furniture you wish to highlight on the rug to create an island, a separate space that highlights both the furniture and the piece of art that the rug is.

If you wish to decorate your space with a rug that is exclusive to your house, JR Rugs welcomes you to customize your rug with us. You can work with our artisans to come up with a rug design, color, shape, and size that is custom-made for your space, and one-of-a-kind in the whole world.

With every JR Rugs creation, we weave a hundred stories of every artisan and weaver who join hands to preserve the age-old craft of rug-weaving. The result is not just carpets but pieces of art that you can walk on and keep forever as heirlooms. Every detail is woven with meticulous attention and each rug goes through 18 steps of finishing to make it perfect before it reaches you. Even after delivery, we are at your service for any queries or services you may require.