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Jute and Hemp Rugs for the Contemporary Home

With a steady transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, more and more people are opting for natural fibers when it comes to their home decor. And with it comes the rise and extreme popularity of jute and hemp rugs. Made from rough and coarse plant fibers, jute and hemp carpets are becoming more and more popular as a favored option for those who lead an eco-friendly life and want their homes to reflect their lifestyle. Jute rugs and hemp rugs have natural earthy textures & colors and are one of the best options for outdoor or transition area rugs. They are super versatile and add earthiness, sophistication, and warmth to your home.

You can invest in jute rugs online and use them to elevate your decor throughout the year and give your home a makeover as and when you feel without dashing out big bucks or even making a lot of effort, no matter what your decor theme is. JR Rugs' collection of jute and hemp rugs will make you want to add to cart right away as they come in a plethora of designs and colors as well as in their natural rustic form.

The Benefits of Jute and Hemp Rugs

If you are still not convinced why you should bring home jute area rugs and hemp rugs, let us provide you with some more information on the pros of buying natural fiber rugs:

When it comes to jute rugs, they have a unique texture that adds earthy beauty to a room. Jute, also used to, grows in shiny, green stalks that are soaked, stripped, and spun before weaving. Natural jute fibers have a natural brown hue, but they can also be dyed in a range of different exciting colors. Given that jute fibers come from the plant’s stalk and not its leaves, the feel of the material is wonderfully soft, something that almost resembles that of wool.

When dealing with jute area rugs, you should take care of it by vacuuming regularly, and blot spills quickly. You can explore jute rugs online at JR Rugs in every size, color, and design as per the decor setting of your home.

As far as hemp is concerned, it has been used in textiles for thousands of years. Like seagrass, hemp is naturally durable and therefore, is used for weaving highly hard-wearing rugs. Hemp in its natural, undyed state has a coppery brown hue, but it can be dyed and woven into intricate patterns. Hemp is a sustainable, mildew-resistant, and an incredibly strong fiber. And while its texture can be coarse as compared to jute, it will soften with use. However, do remember to take some amount of shedding into account when it comes to hemp rugs. Hemp rugs have the same maintenance needs as jute rugs.

The JR Rugs Choice

At JR Rugs, sustainability is a driving motto in all our operations, be it sourcing our raw materials to the finishing process of the rugs. We are not your ordinary carpet-manufacturing company. What we offer you is a family’s blessing, all the way from rural India, in the form of a piece of art. Our wide network of over 40000 artisans spread across 600 villages expertise in this age-old craft of rug-weaving, bringing you the best of Indian craftsmanship.