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Artistic Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs Turking origin pileless rugs designed using one of several flatweave techniques that are prevalent in the heritage of parts of Turkey, North Africa, the Balkans, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia, and China. Their designs are characterized by spiritual and tribal patterns in rich colors. Even though they come from a centuries-old tradition of weaving in the parts of the world mentioned above, Kilim carpets are making a comeback, and how! They have gained a worldly appeal and seem to be increasingly favored by homeowners and interior decorators for their bright tones and unique decorative patterns. Their versatility allows them to be styled as effortlessly in a traditional home as in a modern one.

The vivid colors will help animate your space and the geometric patterns help in breaking the monotony of your decor. At JR Rugs, you can buy kilim rugs online hassle-free, and in an expansive range of patterns and color combinations that are made for every home decor type.

Styling the Kilim Rugs

Vintage kilim rugs are more than just floor coverings; these are beautiful textiles that you can use as your room's focal point for your guests to be wowed by. You can even repurpose antique kilim rugs as upholstery fabrics for pillows and ottomans and add a super chic bohemian flair to your room. Here are a few more tips on incorporating kilim rugs in your decor.

  1. Kilim carpets come in every size and their unique aesthetic allows for easy layering. So, if you wish to create a charming bohemian space in your home, pick out complementing colors and coherent patterns of different kilim rugs and use them to layer or separate the spaces in your living room like the coffee table, creating an island for a unique piece of furniture, etc. to create an illusion of more space.
  2. Kilim rugs also work great as hallway runner rugs to make those awkward narrow spaces brighten up and make for great nooks and corners. When placed in your entryway, these rugs act as the perfect welcome sight and offer a preview into the amazing decor in the rest of your home.
  3. Like we said before, kilim rugs are beautiful pieces of textile which can be hung on the wall next to your bed or sofa and accompany it with some beautiful indoor plants for creating a calming space that instantly makes you feel at home.
  4. When you buy kilim rugs online, you find they come in vibrant colors, and while that is the perfect home decor addition to some, others may feel overwhelmed by the brightness of it all. So, to balance, you can place your kilim rugs on a neutral, natural fiber rug like a jute rug in its natural golden-brown shade. You can adjust the size of the rugs, keeping the kilim one slightly smaller than the jute rug for creating some kind of a frame which will instantly elevate the look of your living room.

Why Kilim Rugs from JR Rugs?

The legacy of kilim rugs lies in its handmade nature and its rich history, something we treasure at JR Rugs as we continue to strive to safeguard the ancient craft of handweaving rugs. One of our strongest pillars are our artisans who bring to the table unmatched craftsmanship and generational knowledge that they have inherited from their ancestors. Just like all of our rugs, our Kilim rugs are made with. Through our platform, we bring you such artisan-made rugs to spark love and light in your home. We also merge that with our modern services and easy online shopping experience to make your experience absolutely seamless.