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Started with humble beginnings more than four decades ago, JR Rugs is today a globally acclaimed name in the Rug and Carpet industry. JR Rugs was envisioned as a social-business venture to empower the carpet weaving artisans of rural India. In the beginning, it was just a handful of enterprising people who wanted to see weavers, who often come from marginalized communities, in the villages of India get fair prices for their skilled work. Gradually, as the weavers realized that their work was getting the respect that it deserved and they were being fairly compensated for it, the word about the venture got out and more and more artisans came to associate themselves with JR Rugs. To this date, we maintain that the foundation of this association and partnership is a vision; one to bring in as much love, kindness, and empathy to the world as possible, and each of our rugs and carpet pieces is evidence of us following that vision.


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We, at JR Rugs, akin ourselves to a simple loom; our philosophy of belief is as simple as the technique behind our rugs and carpets. Slowly and steadily, knot by knot, JR Rugs is tying the yarn of human connection to connect people, from different and diverse ethnicities, ancestries, and heritages, with each other. For years, we at JR Rugs, have been empowering weavers by spreading their voices all across the world. In these four decades, our network of associated weavers has gone from just a handful to tens of thousands. And each one of them has had their voices and stories spread across the world, in the form of artful patterns and designs—knotted together in the most beautiful handiwork.


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This greater reach and connection bring with it an unspoken promise of loyalty and assurance, and no one understands and upholds it greater than us. To us, purchasing a JR Rug is more than just obtaining an item of decoration. To us, It is a promise where you are placed at one end of a pure and virtuous connection, with the artisan at the other end. It is a promise of assured quality, absolute authenticity, and most of all: trust, which we do not take lightly at all.


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At JR Rugs, we humbly believe in the idea that anything, be it a belief, business, or organization, is only as strong as its weakest link. And with that belief, we always strive to maintain that each and every one of our rugs and carpets is crafted as close to perfection as possible.