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Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Space with Oversized Rugs

The size of the rug in your space can have a dramatic influence on the way your space looks. Nothing can pull a space together like an oversized rug. Although the term is quite arbitrary, the typical idea of an oversized rug is a rug made for a large-sized room. An oversized rug has a side dimension of at least 8 to 10 feet. Oversized rugs are usually large-sized pieces and are quite big investments as well. They are made to command a lot of visual attention. Oversized rugs are quite a in fashion, these days, and are so available in a range of designs. From traditional looking oriental rugs featuring age-old timeless motifs to modern rugs featuring abstract, geometric, or minimal designs. Oversized area rugs are well suited for large bedrooms, lobbies, and living rooms. These large rugs are often referred to as living room oversized rugs. Whether you are looking for oversized rugs for living rooms or bedrooms, you are sure to find a huge range and variations of designs and patterns.

Once you decide that you are going to furnish your home with an oversized rug, you can explore the materials, colors, or designs, as per your wishes. Oversized rugs are gaining quite a lot of popularity, so you are sure to find a lot of options. From contemporary botanical and flowery patterns for urban modern homes, vintage-looking Moroccan and Persian designs for traditional home decor, the possibilities are endless. One thing to note about oversized rugs is that they are quite prone to folding and stretching unevenly, so make sure to anchor them properly. An oversized rug should always be paired with a proper rug pad. Large oversized rugs can be dangerous if they are not anchored properly.

Explore JR Rugs for a Wide Collection of Oversized Rugs

If you are looking for the best range of oversized rugs for your spaces, you need not look further than JR Rugs. We don't just have the finest traditional designs in a wide range of rich and royal colors, but also constantly maintain stride with the latest modern trends and designs. We, at JR Rugs, have a practically endless range of collections of oversized rugs available in our inventory and you can rest assured that you wil find something that will suit your space well.

Why Should You Consider Buying Oversized Rugs from JR Rugs

If you are looking for oversized rugs for sale, for your space, you need not look further than JR Rugs. With more than 40 years of experience in the rugs and carpets industry, we, at JR Rugs, are quite the experts of rug weaving. Our oversized area rugs are made with the highest quality materials, which undergo meticulously detailed processes before they are turned into yarn and woven into oversized rugs. Our oversized rugs are made with the greatest love and attention to detail. We make sure that our oversized rugs pass the most stringent quality checks before they are shipped to customers.

When you purchase a rug from JR Rugs, you are not just buying a rug, you also play a part in helping a timeless craft propagate and sustain itself, and at the same time helping communities get access to dignified livelihood. Our rugs and carpets are made by the most skilled artisans from rural India. At JR Rugs, we take pride in being preservers and promoters of an age-old craft and culture, and when you make a purchase from us, you become a part of that legacy as well. With safe and free shipping and delivery all across the world, you can rest assured that we are committed to making your online shopping experience as seamless as possible.