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How to Elevate the Decor of your Space Using a Rectangle Rug

Rectangle rugs are the most common shapes of rugs available and for fair reason. Nothing can elevate the decor of your space better than a rectangle rug that also complements your space. Rectangle rugs are one of the easiest ways to transform your space without the help of an expert or an interior decorator. When you’re designing the decor of your space with a rectangle rug, there are some things you can bear in mind. Firsty, you should ensure that your rug looks good in your room by determining the dimensions and the size that will fit the space best. This is quite easy when you’re dealing with rectangular area rugs. Make your space look optimal by leaving out 2 to 3 feet from every side. This will make your room look larger and your rectangle area carpet will draw all the attention.

If you are starting the decor of your room from scratch, a rectangle area rug can be your reference point. Make sure that you choose elements that balance the patterns out. If you’re going for a rug that is heavy in details, other elements of your decor should be sparse, though not quite minimalistic. If your rectangle carpet has minimal designs, make sure that is reflected in the other elements. Pick out upholstery, wallpapers, and curtains that are somewhat subdued to allow the rug to shine through while blending well. When it comes to rugs, the only limit to your decor arrangement is your imagination. You can also use your traditional design rectangle rug as a wall hanging or tapestry! It looks just as arresting and can be the centre of attention in your living space.

Do not forget to protect your rectangle area rug with furniture coasters under sofa-sets and chairs, so as to distribute its weight evenly to avoid causing damage to the rug. And no matter where you decide to place your rectangle rug or how you style it, always remember to protect it from skidding away with a rug pad.

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If you’re looking for the widest range of collections of rectangle rugs, you need not look any further than JR Rugs. JR Rugs has been in the rug and carpet industry for more than forty years and is quite one of the biggest names in the business worldwide. From the most subtle neutral and muted tones to vibrant and full of life colours that will bring life to the laziest of spaces, our inventory of rugs is practically endless. We, at JR Rugs, have been keeping up with the latest trends, as well as reinventing traditional designs from the Orient. At JR Rugs, you are sure to find something to fit every space and budget. At JR Rugs, you will be able to choose from different kinds of shapes, like hexagonal, irregular and circular other than the rectangular ones. Although they all are sure to elevate the decor of your space, rectangle rugs truly have a look of their own. Our selection of rectangle rugs and those in other shapes also has pieces from renowned designers who will give your home the facelift that you have been aiming for.

Why should you buy rectangle rugs from JR Rugs?

As we said, if you’re looking for the widest collection of rectangle rugs, you really need not look further than JR Rugs, and we do not claim so just because of our wide collection, rather the fact that our services don’t end at the sale of our products. Our rectangle rugs are made from the highest quality natural and synthetic fibres, that are processed using traditional and timeless techniques. From the best quality wool that is hand-carded and hand-spun on age-old authentic tools and dyed with the best natural dyes, to being woven by the most skilled artisans in rural India, our rugs are, as we say, “made with a family’s blessing”. At JR Rugs, the quality of the rug, the livelihood of our artisans, and the satisfaction of our customers the highest priority when connect our rural artisans to customers throughout the globe. And when you make a purchase from us, you can be sure that your satisfaction is as important to us as it is to you.