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Round Rugs

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Style Your Home Differently with Round Rugs

Incidentally, most of the shapes in our general environment have taken to a convention of using straight lines and rectangular shapes and most rug and carpet pieces too have followed suit. Rugs and carpets are generally made to fit rectangular and square rooms. In such a scenario, round rugs are something unexpected and lovely. Round rugs, as obvious, are round shape rugs or carpets made in a circular shape. Their designs are made to complement their circular shape and are often radial or spiral in nature, and their circular shape can be used to accentuate a similar feature or layout in a space.

At JR Rugs, we have a wide range of collections of round area rugs. From oriental designs with radiating patterns that can be used to set a theme or fit into one, to abstract patterns made for a more modern and contemporary setting, our range of designs are available in a range of made to fit every space and budget.

When, Where, and How to Use a Round Rug?

It is said that rugs are to a room what shoes are to an outfit. A rug can either make or break the style and look of a space. However, lovely as they may be, round area rugs are a little difficult to style, because of their unusual shapes and designs and require some extra attention to detail. To make things a little easier for you, here are some tips to help you style the rugs of your choice.

  1. With circular architecture: The simplest way to use a round rug or round carpet is when you have a round room. Using one in the center of the room is the easiest way to set a theme and let the rug stay in complete harmony with the space. Round rugs can also be used in a room that has a general curved architecture feature, such as a circular outward protrusion for a door or window. Curved semi-circular arches are another feature that can be accentuated with a round carpet.
  2. With curved furniture: A round table or sofa-set can be an excellent opportunity to use round carpets. Rugs and carpets are an excellent way to mark a dining space or a lounging space in a living room, and a round rug will certainly go hand-in-hand with furniture that aligns with the same shape as well. Furniture can be arranged along the perimeter of the rug or right at the center of it. Keep in mind that an asymmetric or misaligned placement can bring confusion to the decor of the space. Another thing to keep in mind is that the rug should be large enough to accommodate the furniture, with spare space on all the sides, but not so big as to dwarf the furniture in the space.
  3. In a small-sized room: Round rugs and round carpets often become points of visual focus and can make a space appear larger than it is. Use this tip to make your rooms appear bigger and airier.

With the weaver and artisan community at its core, we, at JR Rugs, take pride in being preservers and promoters of an age-old craft and culture. And when you purchase a rug from us, you too become a part of that legacy. We, at JR Rugs, are committed to making your online shopping experience as seamless as possible.