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Runner Rugs

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The Hallway Runner Rugs Collection

Distinguishable by their long and narrow design, runner rugs are well suited for use on staircases, home entrances, and in corridors and hallways. Like all rugs, they can be used to tie the decor elements of a room together, but because of their unique shape and design, they are often used as accent pieces and or highlight a certain part in a room or its characters, such as its color palette, layout, or its shape. When used in corridors, staircases, and entrances, which are usually high foot traffic areas, a runner rug not only makes these often-neglected spaces look beautiful but also protects hardwood floors from wear and tear.

We, at JR Rugs, have a vast collection of excellent runner rug pieces that can handle the footsteps of your visitors and at the same time make your space look much warmer and inviting. Our collections of hallway runner rugs are resistant to dust and dirt and come in exciting patterns and wonderful designs that are sure to add an extra edge to your living space.

Styling The Runner Rugs for Your Home

Whether you are looking for a hallway runner rug to make your daily walks in your corridors more comfortable, or to add a novel look to your bedroom flooring, JR Rugs is your one-stop solution for the perfect decor and to buy runner rugs online. But if you are still contemplating, or are confused about how to look for the right one and how to style them, we have a few tips for you that will definitely come in handy:

  1. The First Step - Size: When looking for runner rugs for a corridor, keep in mind that they should always match the shape of the hallways. If you are looking for one to use in rooms, make sure it is not so long and narrow as to appear out of place in the space. Runner rugs are usually about 2 or 3 feet wide and up to 6 to 14 feet long in length. When you are placing the rug in the space, be sure to have at least 4-5 inches of space left bare on both sides of the wall to create a defined path and add a contrasting texture with the runner rug as well. If the hallways or corridors that you are styling are quite long, be sure that the rug is cantered properly so that the floor space that is visible on either side doesn’t look uneven or lopsided.
  2. Styling Your Runner Rug: The best style for your space depends on how the space is designed and laid out, and on any existing decor. Opt for country-style runners like flatweaves and kilims in warm tones and minimal patterning if you’re decorating a cozy cottage home in the countryside, a vacation home, or just want a homey-vibe for your space. If your hallways have a chic tile-work, go for a contemporary-looking runner rug. For large corridors in warm wood tones, go for a royal blue or maroon traditional style runner rug in oriental design motifs. For the ultimate entrance to your home, go all the way and install a red carpet to welcome you and your guests.
  3. Choosing the Make and Material: From urinating pets to muddy shoes walking all over the rug, the ordeals that runner rugs go through every day are endless. When choosing a runner rug, it is super important to opt for a make and material that can handle the harsh treatment on a daily basis. For runner rugs, it makes sense to opt for synthetic fibers instead of natural fibers. Synthetics are quite resistant to moisture. They are also easier to clean and are ideal for use as runner rugs.

Get Your Custom Runner Rug from JR Rugs

All our creations are made using the highest-quality materials by the most skilled weaving artisans who have been practicing their craftwork for years. For our artisans, JR Rugs is more than just a marketplace that offers them their due respect. For them, it is also a platform to showcase the best of their skill and ability as well. Combining the artisan's skill and our technical know-how and resources, and you have the highest quality rug and carpet pieces accessible to everyone. At JR Rugs, your happiness and contentment are our highest priority.