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Square Rugs

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Complete Your Home Decor with Square Rugs

If your room is lacking excitement and needs a facelift, rugs are your easiest bet to invest in. Square rugs can complete a room by tying all the different decor pieces together visually. You can use square shape rugs to anchor a room of the same shape, and help layer its decor. JR Rugs has an exhaustive collection of square rugs online that you can browse through to find the one best suited for your space. From handloom, flat weave, and shag rugs to hand-tufted, hand-knotted and kilim rugs, there is a square shape rug in every style, design, color, and size.

How to Decorate Your Square Rugs?

Before buying a rug that looks appealing to you, you should also take stock of the existing decor in the space so that nothing looks incoherent. However, if you are decorating from scratch and building up from the rug, then we have a few suggestions for you which help you style your square area rugs.

  1. You can use a square rug to define or separate areas in an open plan space. The seating space in the leaving room, the dining areas, the foyer, or a little reading nook, square rugs come in handy when you have to give your home an illusion of looking bigger than it is.
  2. You can also use square shape rugs to add variety in pattern, design, and color in the room. Use two square rugs in a room, in the same size, that can visually dissect the room into two. You can also opt to layer rugs for more volume in a space that will end up looking like it has been designed by an expert.
  3. A very significant function that rugs play is to create harmony between the different elements of decor in your space. Don't opt for too many bold patterns in one space, instead, you can play with color contrasts for a bold yet safer choice.
  4. The color theme of your room can help you decide which color you should pick when it comes to square area rugs. The opposite is also true for those decorating with the rug as the foundation. Choose complementary colors that are close to each other on the color wheel. You should also look to set off the tones of the room's walls, its hard and soft furnishings, etc. when choosing square rugs online.
  5. A statement square rug with Oriental designs will help you make a center of attention, a focal point to the room while a solid colored square rug will blend into the room. The decision is yours as to what you want for your home.

Each and every JR Rugs' creation is a result of the legacy that we have created in the weaving community of India. Our artisans from rural India are highly skilled in the art of rug weaving and make rugs that each tell unique stories. Merge that with high-end technicality and precision in construction and finishing of our rugs, and you have the foundation of what we do at JR Rugs.