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Striped Rugs

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Chic and Bold Striped Rugs

Stripes are a design that is loved by designers around the world, be it in a striped navy Breton shirt to the striking black and white cabana stripes. Knowing the right kind of stripe can help you pick the outfit that flatters your silhouette the most, and in your home, complements your decor the most. Striped rugs are endless versatile and can be styled to be bold or subtle, subdued or colorful as they work with any decor style. They are also credited for hiding dirt spots better than solid rugs, hence making them a great budget-friendly choice for busy households and high-traffic areas. Depending on the striped carpets you opt for, they can make a space appear larger as this simple pattern looks at home in every room of your house.

JR Rugs ticks all the boxes when it comes to striped rugs online, be it horizontal or vertical stripes, neutral or colorful ones. You can find striped area rugs in all sizes, materials, and construction types depending on the decor in your home.

Know Your Stripes

Before you go ahead and invest in striped rugs online at JR Rugs, you should know which kind of stripes suit your home the best. Following are the different kinds of stripes to look out for:

  1. Black and white stripe: Modern Scandinavian style stripes that are versatile in a medium-width.
  2. Ticking stripe: A thin stripe in subtle hues that works well with any style.
  3. Broad stripe: Also known as a cabana stripe, it is a bold, wide stripe ideal for outdoor spaces. It is mostly seen in black and white.
  4. Multicolored stripe: Fun, whimsical stripes perfect for transitional space like a hallway, or in a child's room or kitchen to add a pop of color.
  5. Vertical stripe: Stripes that make your room appear longer by drawing the eye towards a focal point.
  6. Horizontal stripe: These stripes can make a space feel wider, making them a good choice in a narrow space.

You can also refer to the following decorating tips for striped rugs:

  1. Use one color scheme throughout when using striped area rugs. They go well with floral and animal prints as well as polka dots as long as the color theme is coherent.
  2. Thinner striped rugs are easier to work with as compared to wider stripes which make a far bolder statement in the space. They are perfect in the kitchen for widening a tight space.
  3. Since stripes draw the eye, the position you choose for your striped carpets can be strategically planned to make the fireplace, a gorgeous outdoor view, or the bed in a master bedroom the focal point in the room.

At JR Rugs, quality of the rug, the livelihood of our artisans, and the satisfaction of our customers are some of our guiding objectives as we connect our rural artisans to customers throughout the globe. We are not just a rug manufacturing company from India. It is a family’s blessing and that is what we bring to you in the form of our handmade rugs. We ensure free and safe delivery of our rugs across the world.