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Wool & Bamboo Silk Rugs

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Wool and Bamboo Silk Rugs

Wool and bamboo silk rugs belong to the most exquisite class of rugs with elite looks and resounding appeal. With a balanced proportion of 50% wool and 50% bamboo silk, these rugs encapsulate you with their warmth and hypnotic appearance. Also known as Art silk rugs or Artificial silk rugs, Bamboo silk rugs adorn the magnificence of real silk and add opulence when combined with wool. The blurred tones of wool merge effortlessly with the shiny bright bamboo silk and unravels a unique blend of bewitching colors and patterns that would leave you agape. Wool and bamboo silk area rugs come in a variety that suits both traditional and modern home decor. With 100% natural fiber, Wool and Bamboo Silk Rugs become a sustainable yet affordable option that adds luxury to your home. The captivating appearance of pure handmade rugs remains class apart.

What makes wool and bamboo silk the best combination?

The texture: The in depth detailing of bamboo silk carpets on the misty tones of wool brings along a combination that you can't resist. The difference in the textures of both materials is huge but together, they bring the best of both worlds.

The durability: While wool is known for its unparalleled durability, bamboo silk is delicate in its pure form. However, when combined, the wool base increases the life of the rug and helps it in gracing your floors for years.

The variety: Wool and Bamboo Silk rugs come in a wide range of designs and colors to suit every type of home decor. From Vintage Kilim patterns on light wool base to modern textures on dark monotones, there is one hand-knotted wool and bamboo silk rug that is made just for you!

The affordability: Both pure wool rugs and pure silk rugs are placed on the higher ends when it comes to pricing. Bamboo silk comparatively being a more economic option, maintains the appeal that you were looking for with more affordable options to choose from.

Why JR Rugs?

JR Rugs doesn't just offer a product, it offers the possession of an experience for a lifetime. For more than 40 years, JR Rugs has been a market leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering the finest hand woven rugs in India and in countries from all around the world. Our exquisite range of wool and bamboo silk rugs has been skillfully designed to add the affluence that you are seeking in your home. Hand knotted to perfection, each and every yarn in our rugs speaks volumes about the quality that we provide to our customers. We have kept the 2500 years old craft of weaving rugs alive by working with skilled artisans from rural India. Our brand provides the local weavers of our country with a platform that helps them in showcasing their art to the world. We take immense pride in the fact that our brand is known for its quality and authenticity across the globe. Our attention to detail when it comes to designs and textures and our deep focus towards the sustainability of our products makes us stand out in the market. Our awe striking collection of Bamboo silk carpets in Gold and Ivory are a sight to behold. The grandeur that they add to a room is in a league of its own. Moreover, the wool and bamboo silk rugs have an oriental flare to them which fits perfectly well with today's modern home settings. We at JR Rugs make sure that our customers get the finest quality hand knotted Wool and bamboo silk rugs delivered at their doorstep with the most efficient online order and distribution process. We prioritize the satisfaction of our customers at all times and ensure that we reach them with our finest trademark rugs.