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Wool & Silk Rugs

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An Exquisite Blend of Wool and Silk

Wool and Silk rugs which are an exquisite blend of both of these natural materials. We, at JR Rugs, take a lot of pride in our wool and silk rugs as they encapsulate the best qualities of both the materials - wool and silk - and give an unparalleled end product in the form of exceptional rugs. At JR Rugs, we work hand-in-hand with our weaver community who have mastered the craft of rug weaving and are vanguards of this dying artform to produce these works of art rugs and carpets. Our wool-silk rugs are one-of-a-kind pieces that are the result of years of practiced craftsmanship as well as extensive research into designs and styles that speak to a global audience.

What Makes Wool-Silk Rugs Special?

Combining the high durability of wool and the unsurpassable luxurious sheen of silk, wool-silk rugs truly are investment pieces that you are sure to treasure throughout your life. These handmade rugs are resilient to wear and tear, which makes them perfect for medium and high traffic areas. Our wool-silk rugs feature intricate designs with traditional motifs in lush color palettes, and come in a wide variety of designs, styles, sizes, and colors to lighten and brighten any space and fill it with warmth. In addition to being literal pieces of art that you can walk on, the fiber blend also bestows the rugs with certain qualities, such as being fire-retardant, lightweight, and enhanced strength.

  1. Fire Retardant: If a rug comprises 50% wool, it gets a fire-retardant quality. Owing to its dust and moisture absorbent nature, a wool-silk rug is a good addition to your space, be it for your home, or office, or even commercial space.
  2. Resilience and Strength: While wool and silk fibers are both strong, elastic, and resilient, silk fibers can be stretched up to 20% of their length without snapping. A single filament of silk can be more tensile (strong) than a steel filament of the same thickness. The blend ensures that the rug has resilience qualities of both fibers. Perhaps one of its greatest advantages is its strength as wool and silk come together to make it one of the strongest and most durable carpets in the world. These rugs serve as family heirlooms and last for generations. They are also resilient to heavy furniture and heavy footfalls as they bounce back to their original state.
  3. Light weight: Pure wool carpets are generally much heavier as compared to a wool-silk rug. The silk blend in the rug makes it lightweight. This helps in ease in transporting and even when shifting it from one room to another.

Craftsmanship and quality remain at the top of our priorities when it comes to perfecting the art of hand-weaving rugs. Our artisans, who are spread all across rural India, bless each and every JR Rugs creation with their skill, talent, and hard work, and this is something that we bring to you every time you buy a rug from us. We merge state-of-the-art customer care services with that to ensure that your experience buying rugs with us is seamless and memorable. With services like free home delivery of our rugs all across the world. We, at JR Rugs, ensure that when you engage with us, your satisfaction is our highest priority.