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Wool Rugs

Owing to their warm properties, wool rugs were one of the first rugs that were ever made. Along with improving the aesthetics of a room, they also add a certain warmth to it. Wool can be easily combined with other materials like Silk and Bamboo to create even more captivating and durable products. For the lovers of Traditional style and essence, wool rugs come in various Vibrant colors and designs. The woolen carpets include complex floral motifs with typical shapes and patterns that go perfectly with homes lined with traditional pieces of arts and artifacts. People who prefer minimal and elegant home décor would be pleased beyond expectations as they are also available in a wide range of classy and tasteful pieces in soothing colors and urbane patterns. Just like other rugs, wool rugs also come in various shapes and sizes. Though square shaped rugs are the most common amongst all, round and rectangular rugs have slowly become a part of the trend. JR Rugs possesses a wide range of wool rugs in different colors and patterns suitable for every type of décor, be it traditional or modern. They are available in awe striking textures with durability that lasts generations.

What makes Wool Rugs a preferable choice?

  1. Warmth: The warmth that wool rugs add to a room is incomparable to any other fiber. They make your living space comfy and cozy especially in cold weather by adding a cover to the icy cold floors.
  2. Durability: Wool area rugs are known to last years as wool is a naturally resilient material. Immense patience, hard work and skills are gone into making a single piece of wool rug. Due to their high durability, they are considered to be an investment for a lifetime.
  3. Repels dust and stains: Woolen carpets tend to absorb air borne contaminants up to a great extent. The dust in the environment gets easily absorbed in the pockets of the wool fiber. Its stain repelling properties and higher resistance towards bacterial growth and mites helps it last longer.
  4. Resists flame: Wool is naturally fire resistant as it catches flames at higher temperatures in comparison with other materials. It is also capable of extinguishing itself once the source of fire is lost. Therefore, it makes for the most preferable choice especially for homes with a hearth.
  5. Water resistant: Due to its natural hydrophobic coating of Lanolin, wool rugs resist water and tend to stay dry.

Why Wool Rugs from JR Rugs?

With years of experience in producing and delivering the best quality rugs, we don't just create a product but a vibe for a room. Our wide range of distinct collections offers choices in woolen carpets that would leave you spellbound. The wool area rugs are available in various shapes, sizes and color schemes to suit various purposes. The materials used are of the finest quality that in turn increases the durability of our products, making them a part of your home for years. We at JR Rugs are determined to provide you the best woolen rugs online with the most efficient order and delivery process. Your satisfaction is our top most priority and presenting you with the most impeccable designs and quality products remains our holy grail.